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Support activities for animal production

01.62 Support activities for animal production

This class includes:

  • agricultural activities on a fee or contract basis:
    • activities to promote propagation, growth and output of animals
    • herd testing services, droving services, agistment services, poultry caponizing, coop cleaning etc.
    • activities related to artificial insemination
    • stud services
    • sheep shearing
    • farm animal boarding and care

This class also includes:

  • activities of farriers

This class excludes:

  • provision of space for animal boarding only, see 68.10
  • veterinary activities, see 75.00
  • vaccination of animals, see 75.00
  • renting of animals (e.g. herds), see 77.30
  • service activities to promote commercial hunting and trapping, see 94.99
  • pet boarding, see 96.09
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