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Silviculture and other forestry activities

ISICv4.0210SilvicultureAndOtherForestryActivities History

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(:Title Silviculture and other forestry activities:)

'''02.10 Silviculture and other forestry activities'''

This class includes:

*growing of standing timber: planting, replanting, transplanting, thinning and conserving of forests and timber tracts
*growing of coppice, pulpwood and fire wood
*operation of forest tree nurseries

These activities can be carried out in natural or planted forests.

This class excludes:

*growing of Christmas trees, see [[ISICv4/0129 Growing other perennial crops | 01.29]]
*operation of tree nurseries, see [[ISICv4/0130 Plant propagation | 01.30]]
*gathering of wild growing non-wood forest products, see [[ISICv4/0230 Gathering wild growing non-wood products | 02.30]]
*production of wood chips and particles, see [[ISICv4/0161 Support for crop production | 01.61]]
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