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Mining of hard coal

05.10 Mining of hard coal

This class includes:

  • mining of hard coal: underground or surface mining, including mining through liquefaction methods
  • cleaning, sizing, grading, pulverizing, compressing etc. of coal to classify, improve quality or facilitate transport or storage

This class also includes:

  • recovery of hard coal from culm banks

This class excludes:

  • lignite mining, see 05.20
  • peat digging and agglomeration of peat, see 08.92
  • test drilling for coal mining, see 09.90
  • support activities for hard coal mining, see 09.90
  • coke ovens producing solid fuels, see 19.10
  • manufacture of hard coal briquettes, see 19.20
  • work performed to develop or prepare properties for coal mining, see 43.12
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