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Quarrying of stone, sand and clay

08.10 Quarrying of stone, sand and clay

This class includes:

  • quarrying, rough trimming and sawing of monumental and building stone such as marble, granite, sandstone etc.
  • quarrying, crushing and breaking of limestone
  • mining of gypsum and anhydrite
  • mining of chalk and uncalcined dolomite
  • extraction and dredging of industrial sand, sand for construction and gravel
  • breaking and crushing of stone and gravel
  • quarrying of sand
  • mining of clays, refractory clays and kaolin

This class excludes:

  • mining of bituminous sand, see 06.10
  • mining of chemical and fertilizer minerals, see 08.91
  • production of calcined dolomite, see 23.94
  • cutting, shaping and finishing of stone outside quarries, see 23.96
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