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Manufacture of made-up textile articles, except apparel

13.92 Manufacture of made-up textile articles, except apparel

This class includes:

  • manufacture, of made-up articles of any textile material, including of knitted or crocheted fabrics:
    • blankets, including travelling rugs
    • bed, table, toilet or kitchen linen
    • quilts, eiderdowns, cushions, pouffes, pillows, sleeping bags etc.
  • manufacture of made-up furnishing articles:
    • curtains, valances, blinds, bedspreads, furniture or machine covers etc.
    • tarpaulins, tents, camping goods, sails, sunblinds, loose covers for cars, machines or furniture etc.
    • flags, banners, pennants etc.
    • dust cloths, dishcloths and similar articles, life jackets, parachutes etc.

This class also includes:

  • manufacture of the textile part of electric blankets
  • manufacture of hand-woven tapestries
  • manufacture of tire covers

This class excludes:

  • manufacture of textile articles for technical use, see 13.99
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