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Treatment and coating of metals; machining

25.92 Treatment and coating of metals; machining

This class includes:

  • plating, anodizing etc. of metals
  • heat treatment of metals
  • deburring, sandblasting, tumbling, cleaning of metals
  • colouring and engraving of metals
  • non-metallic coating of metals:
    • plasticizing, enamelling, lacquering etc.
  • hardening, buffing of metals
  • boring, turning, milling, eroding, planing, lapping, broaching, levelling, sawing, grinding, sharpening, polishing, welding, splicing etc. of metalwork pieces
  • cutting of and writing on metals by means of laser beams

This class excludes:

  • activities of farriers, see 01.62
  • rolling precious metals onto base metals or other metals, see 24.20
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