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Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery

28.19 Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery

This class includes:

  • manufacture of industrial refrigerating or freezing equipment, including assemblies of major components
  • manufacture of air-conditioning machines, including for motor vehicles
  • manufacture of non-domestic fans
  • manufacture of weighing machinery (other than sensitive laboratory balances):
    • household and shop scales, platform scales, scales for continuous weighing, weighbridges, weights etc.
  • manufacture of filtering or purifying machinery and apparatus for liquids
  • manufacture of equipment for projecting, dispersing or spraying liquids or powders:
    • spray guns, fire extinguishers, sandblasting machines, steam cleaning machines etc.
  • manufacture of packing and wrapping machinery:
    • filling, closing, sealing, capsuling or labeling machines etc.
  • manufacture of machinery for cleaning or drying bottles and for aerating beverages
  • manufacture of distilling or rectifying plant for petroleum refineries, chemical industries, beverage industries etc.
  • manufacture of heat exchangers
  • manufacture of machinery for liquefying air or gas
  • manufacture of gas generators
  • manufacture of calendering or other rolling machines and cylinders thereof (except for metal and glass)
  • manufacture of centrifuges (except cream separators and clothes dryers)
  • manufacture of gaskets and similar joints made of a combination of materials or layers of the same material
  • manufacture of automatic goods vending machines
  • manufacture of parts for general-purpose machinery
  • manufacture of attic ventilation fans (gable fans, roof ventilators, etc.)
  • manufacture of levels, tape measures and similar hand tools, machinists’ precision tools (except optical)
  • manufacture of non-electrical welding and soldering equipment

This class excludes:

  • manufacture of sensitive (laboratory-type) balances, see 26.51
  • manufacture of domestic refrigerating or freezing equipment, see 27.50
  • manufacture of domestic fans, see 27.50
  • manufacture of electrical welding and soldering equipment, see 27.90
  • manufacture of agricultural spraying machinery, see 28.21
  • manufacture of metal or glass rolling machinery and cylinders thereof, see 28.23, 28.29
  • manufacture of agricultural dryers, see 28.25
  • manufacture of machinery for filtering or purifying food, see 28.25
  • manufacture of cream separators, see 28.25
  • manufacture of commercial clothes dryers, see 28.26
  • manufacture of textile printing machinery, see 28.26
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