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Manufacture of motor vehicles

29.10 Manufacture of motor vehicles

This class includes:

  • manufacture of passenger cars
  • manufacture of commercial vehicles:
    • vans, lorries, over-the-road tractors for semi-trailers etc.
  • manufacture of buses, trolley-buses and coaches
  • manufacture of motor vehicle engines
  • manufacture of chassis fitted with engines
  • manufacture of other motor vehicles:
    • snowmobiles, golf carts, amphibious vehicles
    • fire engines, street sweepers, travelling libraries, armoured cars etc.
    • concrete-mixer lorries
  • ATVs, go-carts and similar including race cars

This class also includes:

  • factory rebuilding of motor vehicle engines

This class excludes:

  • manufacture of lighting equipment for motor vehicles, see 27.40
  • manufacture of pistons, piston rings and carburetors, see 28.11
  • manufacture of agricultural tractors, see 28.21
  • manufacture of tractors used in construction or mining, see 28.24
  • manufacture of off-road dumping trucks, see 28.24
  • manufacture of bodies for motor vehicles, see 29.20
  • manufacture of electrical parts for motor vehicles, see 29.30
  • manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles, see 29.30
  • manufacture of tanks and other military fighting vehicles, see 30.40
  • maintenance, repair and alteration of motor vehicles, see 45.20
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