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Repair of transport equipment, except motor vehicles

33.15 Repair of transport equipment, except motor vehicles

This class includes the repair and maintenance of transport equipment of division 30, except motorcycles and bicycles. However, the factory rebuilding or overhaul of ships, locomotives, railroad cars and aircraft is classified in division 30.

This class includes:

  • repair and routine maintenance of ships
  • repair and maintenance of pleasure boats
  • repair and maintenance of locomotives and railroad cars (except factory rebuilding or factory conversion)
  • repair and maintenance of aircraft (except factory conversion, factory overhaul, factory rebuilding)
  • repair and maintenance of aircraft engines
  • repair of animal drawn buggies and wagons

This class excludes:

  • factory rebuilding of ships, see 30.11
  • factory rebuilding of locomotives and railroad cars, see 30.20
  • factory rebuilding of aircraft, see 30.30
  • repair of ship or rail engines, see 33.12
  • ship scaling, dismantling, see 38.30
  • repair and maintenance of motorcycles, see 45.40
  • repair of bicycles and invalid carriages, see 95.29
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