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Electric power generation, transmission and distribution

35.10 Electric power generation, transmission and distribution

This class includes the generation of bulk electric power, transmission from generating facilities to distribution centers and distribution to end users.

This class includes:

  • operation of generation facilities that produce electric energy, including thermal, nuclear, hydroelectric, gas turbine, diesel and renewable
  • operation of transmission systems that convey the electricity from the generation facility to the distribution system
  • operation of distribution systems (i.e. consisting of lines, poles, meters, and wiring) that convey electric power received from the generation facility or the transmission system to the final consumer
  • sale of electricity to the user
  • activities of electric power brokers or agents that arrange the sale of electricity via power distribution systems operated by others
  • operation of electricity and transmission capacity exchanges for electric power

This class excludes:

  • production of electricity through incineration of waste, see 38.21
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