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Treatment and disposal of hazardous waste

38.22 Treatment and disposal of hazardous waste

This class includes the disposal and treatment prior to disposal of solid or non-solid hazardous waste, including waste that is explosive, oxidizing, flammable, toxic, irritant, carcinogenic, corrosive or infectious and other substances and preparations harmful for human health and environment.

This class includes:

  • operation of facilities for treatment of hazardous waste
  • treatment and disposal of toxic live or dead animals and other contaminated waste
  • incineration of hazardous waste
  • disposal of used goods such as refrigerators to eliminate harmful waste
  • treatment, disposal and storage of radioactive nuclear waste including:
    • treatment and disposal of transition radioactive waste, i.e. decaying within the period of transport, from hospitals
    • encapsulation, preparation and other treatment of nuclear waste for storage

This class excludes:

  • incineration of non-hazardous waste, see 38.21
  • decontamination, clean up of land, water; toxic material abatement, see 39.00
  • reprocessing of nuclear fuels, see 20.11
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