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Site preparation

43.12 Site preparation

This class includes the preparation of sites for subsequent construction activities.

This class includes:

  • clearing of building sites
  • earth moving: excavation, landfill, levelling and grading of construction sites, trench digging, rock removal, blasting, etc.
  • drilling, boring and core sampling for construction, geophysical, geological or similar purposes

This class also includes:

  • site preparation for mining:
    • overburden removal and other development and preparation of mineral properties and sites, except oil and gas sites
  • building site drainage
  • drainage of agricultural or forestry land

This class excludes:

  • drilling of production oil or gas wells, see 06.10, 06.20
  • test drilling and test hole boring for mining operations (other than oil and gas extraction), see 09.90
  • decontamination of soil, see 39.00
  • water well drilling, see 42.20
  • shaft sinking, see 43.90
  • oil and gas field exploration, geophysical, geological and seismic surveying, see 71.10
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