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Photographic activities

7420 Photographic activities

This class includes:

  • commercial and consumer photograph production:
    • portrait photography for passports, schools, weddings etc.
    • photography for commercials, publishers, fashion, real estate or tourism purposes
    • aerial photography
    • videotaping of events: weddings, meetings etc.
  • film processing:
    • developing, printing and enlarging from client-taken negatives or cine-films
    • film developing and photo printing laboratories
    • one hour photo shops (not part of camera stores)
    • mounting of slides
    • copying and restoring or transparency retouching in connection with photographs
  • activities of photojournalists

This class also includes:

  • microfilming of documents

This class excludes:

  • processing motion picture film related to the motion picture and television industries, see 59.12
  • cartographic and spatial information activities, see 71.10
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