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General public administration activities

8411 General public administration activities

This class includes:

  • executive and legislative administration of central, regional and local bodies
  • administration and supervision of fiscal affairs:
    • operation of taxation schemes
    • duty/tax collection on goods and tax violation investigation
    • customs administration
  • budget implementation and management of public funds and public debt:
    • raising and receiving of moneys and control of their disbursement
  • administration of overall (civil) R&D policy and associated funds
  • administration and operation of overall economic and social planning and statistical services at the various levels of government

This class excludes:

  • operation of government owned or occupied buildings, see 68.10, 68.20
  • administration of R&D policies intended to increase personal well-being and of associated funds, see 84.12
  • administration of R&D policies intended to improve economic performance and competitiveness, see 84.13
  • administration of defence-related R&D policies and of associated funds, see 84.22
  • operation of government archives, see 91.01
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