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Repair of other personal and household goods

9529 Repair of other personal and household goods

This class includes:

  • repair of bicycles
  • repair and alteration of clothing
  • repair and alteration of jewellery
  • repair of watches, clocks and their parts such as watchcases and housings of all materials; movements, chronometers, etc.
  • repair of sporting goods (except sporting guns)
  • repair of books
  • repair of musical instruments
  • repair of toys and similar articles
  • repair of other personal and household goods
  • piano-tuning

This class excludes:

  • industrial engraving of metals, see 25.92
  • repair of sporting and recreational guns, see 33.11
  • repair of hand held power tools, see 33.12
  • repair of time clocks, time/date stamps, time locks and similar time recording devices, see 33.13
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