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Section P Education

Section P Education

This section includes education at any level or for any profession. The instruction may be oral or written and may be provided by radio, television, Internet or via correspondence.

It includes education by the various institutions in the regular school system at its different levels as well as adult education, literacy programmes etc. Also included are military schools and academies, prison schools etc. at their respective levels. The section includes public as well as private education.

For each level of initial education, the classes include special education for physically or mentally handicapped pupils.

The breakdown of the categories in this section is based on the level of education offered as defined by the levels of ISCED 1997. The activities of educational institutions providing courses on ISCED level 0 are classified in 85.10, on ISCED level 1 in 85.20, on ISCED levels 2-3 in group 85.3, on ISCED level 4 in 85.41 and on ISCED level 5-6 in 85.42.

This section also includes instruction primarily concerned with sport and recreational activities such as tennis or golf and education support activities.

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